Another very tricky topic.

I know of people who have gone on HRT and gained significant amounts of weight.  I have a friend who went on HRT and didn’t gain a pound.

My male GP is very against HRT.  I don’t particularly want to take it, so that doesn’t bother me – although I do find it a little strange that a man is standing in the way of a woman and HRT.

I am lucky in that I am not suffering particularly with menopause.  I wasn’t getting hot flushes, but my temperature control went all out of whack, for which I started taking sage, which almost immediately solved the problem.

I have had significant joint and muscle problems which I had no idea might be related to menopause, but are apparently very common during menopause.  This might explain why the disk in my jaw slipped – see my post My weight and diet history – last year.  I contemplated insisting on HRT to see if that would improve the situation, but was worried about adding anything else to the mix when I was already on so much medication.  I have managed to heal the problems I was having with my shoulders, knees and hips using supplements, collagen and Alexander Technique-esque adjustments to posture and movement.  Sadly, they haven’t really impacted on my Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction & Trigeminal Neuralgia.

So HRT – I honestly don’t know.