Guts, Ice Cream & Love

Guts are, I’ve noticed, the upcoming Heroes of weight loss.  The theory is that your microbiome (the mixture of bacteria in your intestines) can massively affect your physical and even your mental health;  and also prevent or encourage weight loss.  Essentially in the field of your intestines (think of yourself as a farmer and your beneficial bacteria to be your crops, and your disruptive bacteria to be your weeds), you want to be cultivating beneficial bacteria and eliminating disruptive bacteria.

Apparently, amongst other things, your intestinal bacteria will even affect how many calories you take from certain foods.  If you have unwittingly cultivated sugar-loving bacteria, they will hassle you to feed them sugar, draw – as they are designed to do – maximum calories from it and so flourish. They will then scream ever more loudly for sugar, you will be ever more inclined to give it to them, they will grow ever more powerful and take over ever more of your intestinal wall.  It’s a bit like a superhero movie with you as the Batfarmer trying to defeat the Sugarjoker.

Think about that.  So two people eat a doughnut and one person takes 450 calories from it and the other 350 calories.  How unfair is that?

Anyway, there’s alot more to be learned and understood about guts and how they affect us, so as an intrepid nutritional explorer I’ve been reading Eve Kalinik’s ‘Be Good To Your Gut’, which is mercifully free of Gloopish silliness and full of good sense.

She sets out a Weed, Seed and Feed programme – the Weed phase eliminates the disruptive bacteria and gives your gut a well-earned rest;  the Seed phase feeds your intestines with the kinds of bacteria you want in there and the Feed phase provides them with what they need to flourish to triumph over the disruptive bacteria.

So I’m adding her wisdom to my alkaline, low glycemic, time-restricted eating diet.  I’m also adding ice cream.

Now here’s a thing.  I don’t particularly like ice cream.  There have been times in my life it has been a pleasant garnish to a warm apple pie, but it really isn’t something that calls to me.  I can’t remember the last time I ate it and I have never bought any for myself.  However, I recently watched on Channel 4 an episode of How To Lose Weight Well in which a woman pleasurably lost almost 3 stone on the Ice Cream Diet.  The idea of the Ice Cream Diet is that a daily scoop of ice cream is a compulsory part of your 1500 calories per day.  This will apparently help banish cravings and feelings of deprivation, enabling you to stick to it for the long haul.

Because binge eating is something I struggle with I thought, what if I used that technique to break the deprivation-binge-deprivation cycle I’m stuck in?  So I’ve started adding a small compulsory treat to my daily diet and, actually, I think it is helping keep the Bingemonster at bay.

Or it could be that writing my post on here The Hell of Binge Eating made a difference. Maybe writing about my shame and sense of defeat so nakedly drew the venom from the Bingemonster’s fangs.

But whichever it is, I’m feeling all warm ‘n’ slushy so I just wanted to say – thank you everybody!


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