Dieting Disaster, Dairy Decision and D-Day

So I had some bad news this week, a real blow, and it really threw me.  To my surprise I didn’t initially leap off the wagon, but a few days later without warning I did, with full force and, even for me, uncharacteristic vigour.  Who would have thought a stomach could hold so much junk?

But I’ve dragged myself back out of that hole again now and feel, curiously, finally, really motivated.  I’m going to do it this time.

While I was in that hole I contemplated the Dairy Dilemma and I came to the conclusion no dairy.  Last night I made my first non-dairy ‘butter’ – although I had no intention of even trying to replicate butter, because frankly who could?  Butter is from the gods and no hand of man could conjure it.  What I wanted was a fat that I could use in the ways I had butter, namely to fry in, to spread on and to melt over.  I don’t bake (just as well!) so I wanted something a touch savoury.  I could say a touch ‘umami’ but as all it means is savoury, I think that would be a touch pretentious.  Anyway, it’s turned out pretty good, and when it’s spectacular, I’ll post the recipe on here in case any dairy-freenies want to try it.

I am, incidentally, loving the no-breakfast-9-hour-food-window (or ‘time-restricted eating’) regime.  I tried breakfast one day for comparison and I hated it, feeling that I was constantly stuffing stuff into my mouth.  My body had liked the rest no-breakfast gave it.  So that’s staying.

So – I’m going alkaline, dairy-free and time-restricted and today is D-Day.

Wish me luck, chaps!

2 thoughts on “Dieting Disaster, Dairy Decision and D-Day

  1. You’re doing brilliantly! Funnily enough I had an out of the blue fall off the wagon couple of days this week too – triggered by a fish and chip takeaway husband brought home. I think the weather doesn’t help. Good luck!


  2. Smiling. ‘Brilliantly’ is a bit strong but very kind. At least I am not giving up though! And you could be right about the weather – it’s the kind of weather British Classics like fish & chips (or for me, steak & kidney pie, which is the food of the gods) was made for.


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