Wagons, cliffs, crevices & whips

So I could list any number of reasons why, but the fact remains that yesterday I fell off the diet wagon, tumbled down a cliff and plunged into a deep crevice.  This morning finds me pulling myself back up and out, feeling snowflake-fragile and with a sickening food hangover.  I know that self-loathing is lurking in the shadows just out of sight, and that the instant I turn my back it will pounce and whip me bloody.

Today’s page in my inspirational flipboard (see my post You must be your own best diet buddy) is

‘Stop all and any behaviours that hurt you’

which today I will remind myself means not only refraining from eating and drinking things that will make me feel rubbish, but also refraining from whipping myself bloody with self-loathing.


7 thoughts on “Wagons, cliffs, crevices & whips

  1. Oh man I hate falling off the wagon – you feel so awful afterwards. What’s your relationship with carbs? Over 30 years of constant dieting (!) I have only just managed to get some of it off and kept it off for a year. After doing every diet under the sun I have recognised that my body does not respond well to too many carbs. Cut them down a fair bit and my blood sugars went from a diabetic 56 (that three month check they do) to a 31 diabetes free. When I fall off the wagon it’s carbs all the way sigh. Then I feel like I’ve been poisoned the next day! Haven’t hit menopause yet but worried that my current maintaining through two days’ fasting will go awry. Do you think menopause may affect that? Sorry to go on! Have enjoyed your blog


    • My relationship to carbs sounds similar to your’s – when I fall off the wagon it’s always carbs, and I feel like crap the next day, as well as being 3 or 4 pounds heavier the next day.

      I started Low Carbing in 2002 as there was alot of Type 2 Diabetes in my family. It helped me take off post-pregnancy and post-bereavement weight and keep it off for over a decade – but I always did find Low Carb tough.

      Now I find the big carbs just don’t appeal to me – except for wheat and sugar. Damn.

      I’m planning to cycle carbs in and out of the defatting diet I’ve put together to get rid of the weight I’ve gained since I hurt my jaw. We’re talking pulses, masses of vegetables, some nuts and a little fruit. Fingers crossed it’ll work!

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