When to eat

I find I’m happiest eating 4 times a day –

  • breakfast (7am)
  • lunch (noon)
  • tea (4 o’clock)
  • supper (8 o’clock)

Each meal tends to be of a similar size, say 300-400 calories, and will involve low glycemic carbohydrates and protein.

There are those who argue for eating at frequent intervals and those who argue for leaving large gaps between meals;  for fasting and now, I notice,  the 2 Meal Day has been sprung upon a surprised dieting public.

Again, they’ll all blind you with the science they’ve carefully selected to back up their arguments, so take your pick.  Experiment.  What works best for your body?   Because at the end of the day it’s only your body that counts.

I don’t believe in Carb Curfews, but obviously if you find they work for you then you observe them.

One thought on “When to eat

  1. Good thinking about eating breakfast in particular! The word itself “break the fast,” as youve been without food for the time you’re sleeping is so important; both for that reason, and because it’s setting up the what the rest of the day will look like nutritonally. Nothing wrong with healthy snacks in between meals too.

    I would highly encourage checking out Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet,” which isn’t actually a diet, but making positive food changes that can implemented for life, and also to quote, “creating a fat burning furnace metabolism,” where you’re constantly stoking the metabolic stove with good foods under the umbrella of a whole food based, well balanced diet.
    Great work!!


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