The slippery subject of fats

Oh dear Lord, where to start?

Personally, I have never believed that fat is bad for you.  Nor do I believe it is the key to good health.

I think some fats are better for you than others – generally, as with all foods, I think the less tampered with a food is the better it is for you.  Hence I don’t use trans fats and all those other nasties.  They’re pretty nasty anyway.  Margerine.  Ugh.

I’ve used coconut oil for years – but I have never found that it miraculously defats me.  It just tastes nice in certain dishes – but for me needs to be partnered with salt to enhance a dish, and not just make it blandly sweet.  I mostly use it nowadays as hand cream and lip salve!

Because I’m currently confused about dairy, I don’t use cow’s butter, only goat’s butter – and I’ve never believed for a second either are bad for you.  The saturated fats argument comes and goes, and you choose which expert to believe.   Goat’s butter can be substituted for cow’s butter in everything – it’s just slightly less sweet.  It is though a little more expensive and harder to find, although all the major supermarkets now carry it.

Olive oil and extra virgin olive il are fine and well – personally while I love olives, I’ve never been a fan of the taste of Olive Oil;  and again, I do not believe it is a miracle health cure or worth the expense.  And if the Mediterranean Diet is so good for us, why are so many Italian Mamas as wide as they are tall???

My favourite oil for pouring on salads and cooking with is rapeseed oil.  I like the colour, the taste and the fact Ican use it for everything, plus it has more of the things we’re supposed to  universality of its uses – plus it has the least saturated fat of any oil, and almost as much monounsatured fat as Olive Oil;  it’s also cheaper, and so I can afford to use a good quality Extra Virgin one (Hillfarm).

What’s more, Rapeseed Oil locally produced – while all Olive Oils are shipped from the Meditteranean – and so has a much lower carbon footprint.

There are arguments for and against all the oils – the only consensus seems to be against transfats.  Aside from that, I’d suggest you trust your own instincts.

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