On the horns of a dairy dilemma

+I love dairy.

Cheese, cream, yoghurt, butter.  These are the foods of my dreams.

I adore dairy.

I do not know if dairy adores me.  Google “gaining weight when eating dairy’ and you will find many people claiming they gain on dairy.  Google “losing weight when eating dairy” and you’ll find people claiming they lose weight when they eat dairy.

Milk is an animal excretion meant to make baby cows big and fat.  A diabetic nurse once told me that if my blood sugar suddenly plummeted the quickest way to restore it was to drink a glass of milk, because of all the sugar (lactose) in it.  There are also those who say milk is contaminated with hormones given to the dairy cattle, amongst other things.

Some who refuse to eat dairy will make an exception for ghee, which is essentially clarified butter. Apparently the clarification process removes from it the products they object to.

What to do?

I know that I love dairy but it’s one of those foods I find difficult not to overeat, and then I feel pretty sickly and blah.

For instance, I love Arla Skyr Strawberry Yoghurt.  At first, I would eat a full size tub (450g) and feel stuffed.  After a while one wasn’t enough, and I ate two in a sitting.  Came the time two wasn’t enough, and I was eating three and still not feeling fully satisfied, although very sick.  So I stopped eating Skyr.

So at the moment, I’m excluding all dairy but goat’s butter.

That may change.  If it does, I’ll let you know.

There is also an argument that dairy farming is crueller than meat farming. I won’t expand on that further for now as I don’t yet have sufficient information to form an opinion.

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