Grains, Gluten & Gullibility

I was tested over a decade ago and told that I was wheat intolerant, so I gave wheat up then.

For me it was a cruel blow.  There is nothing that comes out of a bakery that I wouldn’t eat.  There is no bread I don’t like, no pastry I won’t devour and nothing that doesn’t taste better in a pie.  Sigh.

Occasionally I’m stupid enough to throw caution to the wind  and pile a plate high with buttered toast and gorge.  Wow, do I come to regret that;  usually sufficient for me not to do it again for another 3 months.

There are good arguments against eating grains in the quantities our societies have come to – but I don’t believe that as a pleasurable addition to, rather than a staple of, a diet grains will cause any harm to the eater.

There are those who have made a great deal of money out of making us terrified to eat gluten and believing that gluten-free alternatives are necessarily healthy.  They aren’t and many people don’t need them.  And generally they taste rubbish.

I think it’s great though that the terror of gluten has led to a much wider variety of grains being brought back into the mainstream.  Variety is good.

I have to say though, I feel like crap after I’ve eaten any grains.

I suspect that if you’re trying to lose weight after menopause, grains aren’t your friends, so I’m not including any grains in Defatting.

Again, you’re a big girl and can make your own choices.

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