A salty topic

Salt is another tricky one.  As you’ll no doubt know, currrent medical advice is generally to reduce salt to protect your heart;  although, of course, as with all these things there is not a unanimous consensus on this.  I make no claim either way.  Listen to your GP and your own good sense.

I have low blood pressure (it’s a family thing), which carries with it the risk of fainting at inopportune moments.  While I have very nearly gone many times, I’ve always been lucky enough to stave it off.  My very lovely daughter hasn’t been quite so lucky – I will never forget hearing the call of ‘Mum!’ in the middle of the night, the urgency of which roused me from the deepest of sleep and had me charging into the bathroom, just in time to catch her as she crumpled.

I recently asked a GP what I could do to improve our low blood pressure – all he could suggest was that we increase our salt intake.  Curiously, I had never been someone who used much salt; but now I salt freely.

I have no idea whether you should or not – so in my recipes, I don’t specify how much salt to use;  you’re a big girl, and I leave that to your judgement.

I love Maldon Sea Salt Flakes – they do make a taste difference, and I just love the sensation of crumbling them between my thumb and fingers into a dish.  They’re beautiful.  They’re also cheap, compared to other gourmet salts.  I also use a fine ground pink Himalayan Salt – not because I believe or disbelieve the claims about its properties, but simply because it’s pretty.



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