To weigh or not to weigh

For every expert who says that weighing yourself frequently is detrimental there will be an expert who says that weighing yourself often is beneficial.

The very sweet Joe Wicks calls the scales ‘the sad step’, which made me laugh out loud and for which I like him very much.  He has a point.

Also, it isn’t just weight I’m looking to lose – I want to lose fat but not muscle;  so the scales alone will not be the measure by which I judge my success.

But personally, I find weighing myself daily keeps me on track and boosts me when I see that what I’m doing is working.  It’s also going to be an important marker for my being able to tell  whether certain foods or behaviours are beneficial or detrimental to my efforts.

Of course, there are the days when my weight stubbornly refuses to drop, which is upsetting and has sometimes caused me to go ‘oh f*ck it!’ and go binge eat everything appealing in my kitchen – and sometimes to scour my very patient youngest’s bedroom too.

He’s agreed that while I’m trying to lose weight he’s happy not to have cereal or bread in the house, because those are the two things that in the middle of the night I can find myself half asleep and gorging until I have a barrel for a belly.  How fabulous of him is that?

Anyway, to weight or not to weigh – it’s a very personal choice, but I will be weighing myself daily.

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