Menopause and how it relates to weight

I will be adding to this, but for now –

Cortisol, in case you don’t know, is pumped into your bloodstream when your body believes you to be under threat.  While that’s great in the short term, it’s not great if the production of cortisol becomes commonplace.  Because cortisol doesn’t know what the nature of the threat it is, it acts in a few ways to protect you – one of which is to lay down fat, particularly around your belly, in case the threat is famine.

Oestrogen regulates the production of cortisol – unfortunately then, as our oestrogen declines through menopause we are less able to control our cortisol and it more easily becomes a visitor to our bloodstream.

So how to control cortisol?  Well, endurance athletes take Vitamin C to combat the effects of the cortisol produced by their extreme exertions.  So that might be worth looking into.  Relaxation and anti-stress strategies certainly can’t do you any harm.

Our hormones are just generally out of whack at the moment;  so I’ll come back with more information on which I’ll be grounding my Defatting.

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