Why I want to lose 43lbs

Because heavy, like this, I just don’t feel like me.  This is not who I was, this is not who I am.

I miss being able to move completely freely.  I miss the sensation of my arms being able to hang freely at my sides when I walk, rather than grazing the increasing girth of my hips.

I don’t want to have to have my knees replaced – and apparently, in an increasingly cash-poor NHS, you can no longer guarantee that you will be able to get them replaced.  You may just have to live with the pain and medication.

I miss the 90% of my wardrobe I can no longer wear.

I miss being able to nonchalantly and gracefully cross my legs.

I miss feeling at peace with myself.

I don’t want to develop Type 2 Diabetes because I know from watching my Mum die that it is a horrible, protracted and merciless death.

I want my kids to be really proud to say ‘This is my Mum”.

I want to live the however many years I still have left in good health and pain free.

I miss looking fabulous.


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