Why am I writing this blog?

Because there are sooooo many blogs out there about food and weight loss – but they’re all done by skinny young things; and what they are saying, and the lives they are living, have very little to do with the lives we are living and the ways our bodies work now.

And because my experience may well be your experience, and perhaps your knowing that I exist and am having these difficulties will make you feel less alone with your difficulties;  and perhaps you’ll share your’s with me and I’ll feel less alone.

And perhaps you’ll pick up something from this blog that will make a difference to you.  Maybe you’ll try a recipe of mine and find you love it and think, actually, yeah, you could eat this way.  Maybe you’ll show me something that makes a difference to me. Maybe a tip from you will be the key with which I can undo a particularly sticky lock.

So, this is me, making middle-aged women and their body problems more visible and holding out a hand to you, and hoping you’ll take it.

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