Instant Cherry Pie

I do this with frozen sweet dark cherries – my favourites are Tesco or Sainsbury’s own (I’m afraid not Asda’s morello cherries, they aren’t sweet enough) – and my nuts of choice are almonds.  Experiment with ingredients and amounts – these are simply the amounts I like – you may prefer more nut, less fruit.  If you want to make it extra luxurious, pour some cream over it.  Or creme fraiche, if you’re me.  If you strongly feel the need to sweeten the cherries then do.  Personally, I don’t.


Defrost 200g frozen cherries for 90 seconds in a microwave.  Pulse 75g almonds in a food processor until the consistency of crumble.  Sweeten cherries if required – personally I don’t.  if you’re going to I’d recommend Whole Earth Sweet Granules with Stevia, which for me has a convincing taste without an unpleasant aftertaste or blood sugar spike.  Gently stir cherries and pour over the almonds.  Add cream if you’d like, or creme fraiche if you were me and eating dairy.

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