Give me my body back

You ever felt this way?

That just as you were finally getting comfortable with your body, menopause has taken it and turned it into an alien thing – something you barely recognise, are no longer in control of and that no longer responds to your old weight loss tricks?

In fact, it’s come up with a few dirty tricks of its own, like losing your waist and sprouting an extra chin.

No fair!

Our bodies have changed the rules without telling us;  so I’m going to see if  I can find out what those new rules are and if my body and I can play nice.

I’ll let you know what my experiments reveal.  Expect to see posts about my progress, my whoops of joy and whines;  recipes;  observations about how different food groups are affecting my weight loss;  interesting new ideas about what’s happening to our bodies, and things we might try to calm the situation;  and hopefully, fingers crossed, ultimately photos of my body and I being best friends again.


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